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A challenge to map crash areas 

AXA is rethinking the traffic control through the analysis of crash datas to map the most dangerous areas.

In this mission, AXA wishes for working with innovative company to extract and analyse data from scanned official reports.  

Are you ready to take up the AXA challenge ? 

AXA is looking for innovative companies in the following fields :

Optical character recognition  (OCR)

Big Data



Take up the challenge and do it in team! The AXA challenge offers the opportunity to form a team with others companies in order to propose the most complete solution. Do not hesitate anymore and let’s team up on the “team” space dedicated on the website! 



What are the issues for AXA? 



Hand-written official reports are scanned but not exploited, except in the case of a dispute 



Analyse localization & contextual data, cross them with customer folders to rise the acuteness (adress, postal code). 


Map, Map, MAP

Identify most dangerous areas and map them to limit the risks.