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Startups IoT, design the city of the future ! 

Is your start-up turning urban areas into futuristic smart cities? Are you looking to accelerate your growth with a strategic partnership? This challenge is made for you!


                                        Startups IoT, let's apply!                                      

If you are developing innovative products and services in the following areas: 

Take part in the challenge! You could start collaborating with Ericsson and gain access to support from Ericsson Garage experts.  Give your growth a huge boost by taking part in this challenge! 

Combine your solution with the smart street lighting of the future ! 

Ericsson, the global leader in mobile network infrastructure, is offering an innovative solution for energy-efficient, network amplifying smart light poles: Zero Site.

As part of developing this solution, Ericsson is looking to connect up with a solution ecosystem that can highlight the benefits Zero Site has to offer.

This innovation challenge covers a number of possibilities: traffic management, communication networks, air quality, smart parking and services for residents are some of the relevant areas of application. 

These are just a few examples; it's up to you to sell Ericsson on your solution! 

What startups have to gain


Required deliverables

To take part in this challenge you must submit two things:

1. A video pitch introducing your solution and your company (two minutes max)

Be engaging! Don't forget that the jury is made up of Ericsson employees and experts as well as members the Sophia Antipolis Com4Innov competitive cluster

2. A cover letter introducing your company and the team

Be specific: growth outlook, financial structure, customer references, etc. Feel free to provide detailed information for different areas.

Selection Criteria

-        Originality of the proposed application and solution

-        Innovative nature

-        Ease of implementation

-        Possible industrialization

You are just one click away from taking part ! 

1. Create a profile for your company on the platform

2. Register for the challenge by clicking on "participate"

3. Fill out the project information sheet

4. Upload your video pitch (two minutes max) to your online profile 







  • 1Visit the Garage Ericsson in Kista (Stockholm, in the heart of the Swedish Silicon Valley) and an 3 months support from Ericsson
  • 2A space dedicated to the winners in the "Pop Up Garage" in France Ericsson offices
  • 3Wide visibility to the management of Ericsson and Ericsson customers during the Ericsson Day


  • Paris Helpline
  • Glowee
  • My Teleworker
  • Initiative Commune Connectée
  • MetroGeniK
  • Braineet
  • Dolmen
  • twipbox
  • GoodDon
  • Smart Cycle
  • Card Line Concept
  • Adways

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