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Dedicated prizes

Take part in the Global FinTech Challenge in one or more of the following categories and build privileged professional relationships with our partners! 





By joining the Global Fintech Challenge, Groupe BPCE is hoping to uncover Fintech gems capable of rethinking traditional banking models and guiding its digital revolution in the private management field. Calling all startups! Groupe BPCE is engaged in the private banking segment and looking to offer innovative digital services to its customers and give the advisor a key role in the relationship.

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Groupe BPCE: the exclusive 'Private Management' partner

France's number two banking group, Groupe BPCE is underpinned by two networks of cooperative, independent and complementary commercial banks: 18 Banque Populaire banks and 17 Caisses d'Epargne.

Groupe BPCE works in several markets, including retail banking, insurance, global customers, asset management and private management.

More specifically, Groupe BPCE is expanding its presence in the private management market through its two large banking networks, with additional support from Banque Palatine and Banque Privée 1818.

Groupe BPCE serves more than 36 million customers and boasts a widespread presence across France with 8,000 branches and 108,000 employees.


How to put forward an innovative approach to private management to match the strength of Groupe BPCE’s ambition?

Groupe BPCE sees this open innovation challenge as a means of developing new ways of understanding private management.

The aim is to offer an innovative approach to establishing a statement of the customer's financial position with a specific focus on the comprehensive assessment of their savings. The innovative system should then allow the best savings products to be proposed in accordance with the prescribed guidelines.

Start-ups must meet the savings aggregator market standards while proposing innovative features.

The value brought to customers and their loyalty should underpin the responses to this challenge and help reinforce advisor expertise as they develop their relationships with their customers.

Your challenge is to come up with the best solution!


What's in it for the start-ups? 

Each start-up will have the chance to showcase their offer to Groupe BPCE.

As a finalist in the Global Fintech Challenge, your start-up will be invited to the challenge final and, as such, enjoy the opportunity to join in a special networking session with all the challenge partners.

The most suitable start-up for Groupe BPCE will be awarded a €30,000 grant to produce a Proof of Concept (PoC).


Who can take part in this challenge? 

All start-ups, from the most recent to the most mature, are accepted at any stage in their development. From conception to long-nurtured idea, you're all welcome!

If you‘re working on innovative solutions that could help develop Private Management, why not take part and present your project? 


Selection Criteria

You will be judged on the basis of the following selection criteria:

  • the suitability of your solution to establishing a comprehensive statement of affairs and offering the best guidelines in terms of asset allocation;
  • the originality and innovative flair of your solution;
  • the ability of your solution to be rapidly integrated into all of our brands.





As the sponsor for the Insurance category of the Global FinTech Challenge, Covéa, the leading French property and liability insurer, wishes to support international start-ups in the InsurTech sector with a focus on a key theme: How to empower customers to manage their own risks? 

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Covéa, exclusifve 'InsurTech' partner

The leading insurer of damage to individuals' property in France, Covéa, comprises the mutuals MAAF, MMA and GMF and insures more than 11 million people in France. In 2014 its revenue topped 16.5 billion euros and the Group employs over 26,000 people in France and abroad.


What's in it for the startups?

The start-ups that make the cut will enjoy increased visibility with Covéa and all the Global FinTech Challenge partners. The startups that catch the Group's eye will have access to the Covéa innovation programme and will get to present their projects to the company's Research and Innovation Committee, which is made up of the Group leaders and deciders in charge of experiments and partnerships. The most innovative solution will also receive a grant of 20,000 euros. Everything you need to take your growth to the next level!


How to empower customers to manage their own risks?

In launching this challenge, Covéa hopes to take advantage of the global digital revolution to help the insured take an active interest in their own risks, reducing or even eliminating these risks in the Group's sectors of activity: mobility, housing, healthcare, business and more.

It's up to you to offer the services and uses that will help accomplish these safety goals!


Who can take part in this challenge ?

Does your start-up develop solutions and/or services in the fields of IoT, big data, smart homes, cars or connected healthcare? Do you want to contribute to the digital revolution in the insurance field and boost your growth by forging strategic partnerships? Share your InsurTech solutions!


Selection criteria

You will be judged on several selection criteria:

  • the integration of your solution into the customer experience of the three Covéa brands
  • the relevance for the goal of reducing or preventing risks
  • the technological maturity of your start-up's solution
  • the pace of your development and your ability to industrialise production




Customer relationship & digital services


By taking part in the Global FinTech Challenge, Stanwell Consulting aims to identify and provide support to FinTech players that are revolutionising individual and corporate customer relations through the provision of innovative services.

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Stanwell, exclusive "Customer relationship & digital services" Partner

Since 2006, Stanwell Consulting has combined a strategic vision of its customers' business models with the ability to design, carry out and provide support for transformation plans.

A long-time specialist in the Banking and Insurance/Social protection sectors, the firm ensured its continued growth and the diversification of its transformation expertise by founding a Retail & Supply Chain office in 2013, while remaining consistent with its original positioning focused on operational strategy.

Now led by 9 partners, the firm has a strong team of more than 120 consultants and ensures its continued expansion by promoting innovation for its customers and maintaining a strategy of excellence. 

In 2015 Stanwell co-founded the Blue Circle association, which now comprises over 120 startups and aims to boost innovation by promoting co-creation between key accounts and start-ups.

Ideas for revolutionising customer relationship with digital services

By participating in this open innovation challenge, Stanwell hopes to accelerate the customer relationship revolution in financial services. The goal for these startups is to offer new digital services that put corporate or individual customers back at the centre of the relationship.  The services offered will help foster customer loyalty through increased added value and will reconcile the physical and digital journeys. While people remain the focus of the relationship, be sure to offer innovations that will make customer relations more collaborative, more personalised and all-around better for everyone!

Who can take part?

All are welcome!

Selection criteria:

The prizes will be awarded based on the following criteria:

  • Value delivered for the customer
  • Innovative nature of the solution
  • Flexibility and reproducibility of the innovation


Individual challenge


  • 1€50 000 worth of financial endowment
  • 2Integrations within our partners Innovation Committees
  • 3Access to accelerators programs
  • 4Introduction to the Venture Capital partners


  • Braineet
  • Card Line Concept
  • FX4BIZ
  • Heoh
  • Morovus
  • Sky in Lab
  • Qarnot computing
  • QuietRent
  • HopOn - cutting through lines
  • Defab
  • FX4Biz
  • Bliss
  • FindBrok

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